Top 5 Favorite Blogshops

I’ve surfed the Internet so much that I spent 3/4 of my time online. I couldn’t get my hands off, not even a second off the Internet. Honestly speaking. I also bought almost everything online. Literally. *hehe* From skincare products to dining vouchers, I couldn’t get enough of online shopping! Has it become a habit of being lazy??? *ehem* I just think it is so convenient and you can shop at the comfort of your own home or anywhere (or is it just an excuse?).

In this post I like to share my Top 5 Favorite Blogshops which I have always been getting most of my clothes from. I hope you find it useful as I always believe…Sharing is Caring 🙂



What I loved most about Agneselle is their fit. It always fits and sits perfectly on my body, perhaps the cutting is a little smaller as compared to the other Blogshops. Their designs are classy and less common because I dislike having to see a person wearing the same clothes as me on the street! Pretty awkward! Oh ya… I love their dresses too, especially their maxi dresses and those chic tops, look effortlessly gorgeous! Prices are affordable too. Let’s hope they could maintain the prices throughout.

Agneselle Zandra Bustier Tube Dress in Yellow

Agneselle Athena Maxi Dress in Navy


Intoxiquette is an excellent place to get work wear or dresses for cocktail party or wedding dinner. Their collection of dresses are so elegant and stylish that it makes you stand out without looking skimpy or overexposed. Design are unique and the material are excellent. Maybe just a little point to note on its sizes because  it is mass produced, measurements may defer from actual piece from 0.5 to 0.75″ and there do not allow refunds or exchange. I experienced this before and I had to send my dress to a seamstress for alterations. I guess every online purchase post a risk to what you are receiving after payment and if you are not fussy, you can consider Intoxiquette. However this blogshop do not accept Visa or MasterCard payment, not even Paypal so you have to do the usual Internet or ATM transfer if you plan to purchase.

Intoxiquette Pearls Extravaganza Maxi Gown in Pink


The pioneer of blogshop community and one of the successful blogshop entrepreneurs in Singapore. LB provide trendy and creative designs that are suitable for both day and night. The material used are good and value for money! I have very few apparels from LB. This because all their product gets sold out very quickly and I dislike the idea of back order. I couldn’t give much review about LB but I really love their collections because that is the image and style I would like to carry.

Dress from Jipaban & Shopper Bag from Love Bonito


I wouldn’t say Jipaban is a blogshop. It feels more like a online shopping mall which is equivalent to Zalora and ASOS. You have everything you need from accessories, bags, clothings to gadgets and many more! It is a consolidation of several blogshops into a one-stop online shopping. I have bought a several pieces from Jipaban before and I must say I love the way they packed the items together. I hardly purchase from Jipaban as I feel  the range of clothes they have to offer are very limited. It is either off-season or products which are less popular from blogshops. They took the advantage of Jipaban to clear away their old stocks. Nevertheless, sometimes you can still find nice apparels or sale items.


This blogshop has a wide range of apparels online and a brick and mortar store at Orchard Central. What I love most was it’s large collection of trendy clothings. They carry many designs that are suitable for different styles, from feminine to rocker chick. The quality are definitely good and most importantly it fits pretty well. I wish they could produce more designs more frequently, just a little feedback I feel which could have been better. This could keep the interest of shoppers to keep coming back for more.

Flaunt CC Venetia Dress

I hope this little information helps to expand your online shopping experience. Hehe! These are just where I shop for most of my clothes. Especially with online shopping blooming in Singapore and the high inflation rate we are having, we are constantly seeking an alternative to find cheaper items. I find myself going Orchard even lesser ever since I know there are so much blogshops have to offer.

Till then…


potatospinach ❤

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